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EcoSecure is the most efficient ICT infrastructure that provides unified computing and communications consuming less than 25W per desk. A typical 30 user system can be powered entirely by solar panel of 1KWp array.

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BicServer EcoSecure
A Network Computing and IP Phone System
BicneT is pleased to begin the new decade by launching EcoSecure server that offers the most economical and secure unified IT and telecom infrastructure for all businesses.

It is highly secure server and advanced PBX with very low power consumption.

The bicfone terminal occupies less than 1 sq. ft. of desk space and needs electricity less than a tube light. EcoSecure system reduces investment and saves electricity, AMC costs and software licensing year after year.

There is immediate need for businesses to become more environmentally conscious. However, it can be difficult to know where to start, or how to make a business more eco-friendly, without suffering a drop in productivity and a decrease in profits. Sometimes it can even cost a decent amount of money to have a business “go green”. Ideally, environmentally conscious efforts should be good for a business as well as for the planet. In this respect, BicServer EcoSecure Solution is a great tool for many businesses, providing an easy and profitable way to go “green” while also becoming more efficient.