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EcoSecure is the most efficient ICT infrastructure that provides unified computing and communications consuming less than 25W per desk. A typical 30 user system can be powered entirely by solar panel of 1KWp array.

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Green IT Training

Information Technology and Internet have contributed greatly to the global progress during the last two decades. Now the IT infrastructure accounts for over 2% of the global energy consumption and is growing exponentially.

Green IT also known as green computing is the term used to denote efficient use of resources in computing. This term generally relates to the use of computing resources in conjunction with minimizing environmental impact, maximizing economic viability and ensuring social duties.

Green IT Jobs
Green IT skills are in demand. As the demand for Green IT skyrockets, so will demand for skilled persons to implement these technologies. The time is just right for acquiring and sharpening these skills.

Green IT professionals are being employed at Google, IBM, HP, Cisco, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services and you can expect the list to expand every day. As many as 1M networking professionals are required across organizations worldwide to achieve this global change. Get the technology skills employers want to lead this green evolution.

In this certificate course, we will introduce you to the concept of Green IT, the reasons an organization should go for green, different ways to go green and the advantages of going green. After completion of the course, successful participants will be able to implement energy saving measures that can reduce energy consumption of IT infrastructure by upto 95% .

The courseware has been developed using the latest technologies in distance learning which provides the opportunity to interact with the teacher in real time while undergoing the course. This differentiates the BicneT eLearning system from any other distance education system.

After completion of the course and passing the exam, a certificate will be issued to the successful participants and selected persons will be invited to attend a 2 days residential hands on workshop to be conducted in beautiful natural surroundings.

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