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EcoSecure is the most efficient ICT infrastructure that provides unified computing and communications consuming less than 25W per desk. A typical 30 user system can be powered entirely by solar panel of 1KWp array.

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DigitalAsset - Secure USB storage
Smart. Secure. Versatile.

Image Introducing the DigitalAsset™ range range of data security solutions that can instantly secure your valuable digital content such as documents, photos, music, video, drawings, historical email, software, passwords, online accounts, digital currency and other digital assets you value. Your content is protected by a digital lock with up to 9 digit owner’s PIN.

DigitalAsset™ USB storage locks your digital content using 256 bit strong industry standard AES technology. Beginning with 120GB, it’s available in various capacities up to 2 TB with shock proof options. Click here for details.
Energy saving IT
Energy Saving Information Technology

We have dedicated several years researching power consumption by IT infrastructure in Offices, Data Centers and Cloud services.

Based on our practical experiences, we are able to devise energy efficient IT solutions that can reduce or eliminate conventional electricity consumption, reduce indirect electricity cost due to air conditioning and cooling requirements.

We use a combination of technologies such as Virtualization, Linux containers, Mini PC's, Thin Clients, Micro Servers, Hardware and Software optimizations, Solar UPS, Green Networking, IP PBX.

Let us provide nature a chance to recover from the damage inflicted by mindless industrialization and wasteful consumption habits formed over the last few decades.

EcoSecure :: Unified computing and IP communication system
IT secures your environment

COMPACT - Remote Desktop client in built for Linux and Win 7/2008
SECURED - All user's data can be locked/unlocked with single USB key.
ADVANCED - IP phone with call recording, voicemail, IVR, VoIP, PoE
RELIABLE - Designed for 24x7 operation with 80% energy saving.
ECONOMY - Save on AMC, software licenses, electricity & cabling.

BicneT EcoSecure solution is the most efficient unified computing and communications solution that consumes less than 25W per user and can be completely powered through renewable solar energy.