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EcoSecure is the most efficient ICT infrastructure that provides unified computing and communications consuming less than 25W per desk. A typical 30 user system can be powered entirely by solar panel of 1KWp array.

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BicFone Terminal (IP phone + RDP Thin Client)

An integrated IP phone with Thin client that consumes less than 5W power and occupies less than 1 sq. ft of Desk space for unified IT and Telecom functions.


For Small Business, the OFFICE edition can serve up to 32 users when connected over USB 2.0 interface to a 1GHz+ PC with 1GB RAM. Supports windows and linux. Comes preconfigured with 1 analog line and 1 phone jack to connect user analog phone.

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For corporate users, the BUSINESS edition is highly scalable solution for up to 128 users when connected over USB 2.0 interface to a PC with A3200+ or Core2Duo processor and 2GB RAM. Supports windows and linux. Comes preconfigured with 2 analog lines and 2 phone jacks to connect user analog phone.

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The CORPORATE edition is a complete PC based IPBX package ready to connect the 3 analog lines or phones. Linux is pre installed. Comes preconfigured with 3 analog line and 3 phone jacks to connect user analog phones.

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VoIP Phones for Corporates and Call Centers

High performance IP phones with excellent voice quality and RJ9 headset jack

Telephony hardware for Asterisk

for GSM, E1, analog TDM and Skype channels

ExSky : 8 port Skype to PBX gateway - connects Skype to your exisitng PBX
The quickest way  to benefit from VoIP is by extending existing PBX to VoIP.


SiSky : 8 port Skype to Asterisk IPBX gateway
Nowadays, Skype is very popular and you may find many customers are Skype users. Let your customers who are used to Skype contact with you quickly and conveniently on your Asterisk IPBX system.


TDM800 : 8 port Zaptel compatible card for Asterisk IPBX to phone gateway.
TDM800 is a PCI 2.2 card that supports FXS and FXO station interfaces for connecting analog telephones and analog POTS lines through a PC. Using Yeastar's TDM800 hardware, Open Source Asterisk PBX software and a standard PC, users can create a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) telephony environment that includes all the sophisticated features of a high-end PBX/Voicemail platform.

    * Fully - Supported Zaptel Compatible Hardware
    * Up to 8 ports FXS or FXO Analog Interface Card

 Virtual Office Numbers -Geographic Numbers routed through VoIP   

In conjunction with our telephone companies in USA, UK and Germany, Bicnet Infoservices can now offer geographical virtual office numbers, routed to your IP phone or PBX. You can have a presence in many cities of USA, UK and Germany with a local phone number in these cities that can be routed to any place with IP connectivity.
 Virtual Office Numbers - Supported IP Products  
We can divert your telephone number to any of the following destinations:
  • Any IP phone or PBX supporting the SIP or IAX protocols

 Virtual Office Numbers - The Costs

        Fixed monthly fee of US$ 15.
  • 3 month minimum commitment
  • No further charges for receiving calls
  • Receive up to 2 simultaneous calls on the same number
There are no further charges for receiving calls via your virtual office number.
 You can also divert the incoming calls to a landline or mobile number as well as make outgoing calls for which the cost depends on the destination starting from 2 cents a minute